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Teach me to Make at Maker Faire Chengdu, China 2016

Teach me to Make at Maker Faire Shenzhen, China 2015

CoffeeBot workshop, Fire Camp at the Imperial College of London, August 2014

Alligator Earl, Electromechanical Toy Design, June 2014

How to Build CoffeeBots, Make Magazine Volume 34, April 2013

Mini Maker Faire Jerusalem, Coffeebot workshop, Bloomfield Museum of Science, Israel, 2013

ACADIA Synthetic Digital Ecologies, California College of Art, SF, 2012

Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception, CoffeeBots Workshop, SF, 2012

Sketching in Hardware Conference, Portland, 2012

Maker Faire, San Mateo, 2012

Tinkering workshop, Chico State University, 2012

Collaboration with Arduino, Maker Faire, San Mateo, 2012 - video

Making movable art and robotics a little easier with Arduino, By Laura Case Staff Writer, Contra Costa Times 2011

Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception, Tinkering Studio, video, SF,2011

Maker Faire, San Mateo, 2011

Lift Conference & workshop, Geneva 2010

Kinnernet Conference & workshop, Israel 2010

Maker Faire, San Mateo, 2010

Lift + Fing Conference, France, 2009

Etech Conference, Palo Alto, 2009

Kinnernet, USA, 2009

DLD Conference, Munich Germany, 2009Kinnernet, USA, 2009

Maker Faire, San Mateo, 2007- 2009

"Michael Shiloh has had many chances to impress me with his capacity to and enthusiasm for explaining complex systems. Whether it be hardware, electronics, or software, he has always been able to share insights with me in a way that gives me tools I can use. I have been a student of Michael's when he presented and aided the interactive arts classes I majored in at CCA. I have been an aid to Michael during my time as an intern at his company MakingThings. I have been a colleague to Michael during my recent forays into teaching. I can not give a higher recommendation for his value as a teacher than I give without reserve to Michael Shiloh"
North Pitney Adjunct Lecturer on interactive systems for artist and designers, Media Arts and Artchitecture, California College of the Arts

Michael Shiloh possesses one of those rare combinations of in-depth, sophisticated electronics know-how, boundless creative energy and fantastic communication skills. I have seen him in action and have watched him teach complex technical concepts to audiences as varied as art school college students at CCA to a room full of squealing eight year-olds at Maker Faire. His teaching style is thorough, precise and entertaining, and he knows how to make the more intimidating aspects of technology seem approachable, and even fun. As a well known figure in the San Francisco art-and-technology scene, he has shown a commitment to building community wherever he goes. Carla Diana Senior Interaction Designer, Smart Design & Design Educator (Georgia Institute of Technology, SCAD, Parsons the New School)

Judy Castro's unique combination of artistic talent and hands-on skillin all kinds of production makes her an incredibly valuable innovator and partner. Whether in design or fabrication, Judy's abilities to envision, explain, prototype and implement her many good ideas deliver delightfully unusual but accessible results. In numerous years of working with Judy on large works of public art, I have seen her patient humor and unstoppable work ethic lend themselves to collaboration in soft sculpture, fire-breathing metal art, and widget design. Whether the crew is large or small, Judy Castro is the one we turn to for consistent, thoughtful follow-through, especially when the solution calls for dreaming up something wonderful that can actually be done with economical efficiency. She's an excellent person to have teaching and bringing inspiration to adults and kids alike!
Rebecca Anders, Co-Founder of Flux Foundation, member of the Flaming Lotus Girls and design/artisticlead for Fire Blooms on Ocean Beach and Chimera Sententia (FishBug)project

I've worked alongside Judy Castro on a few very large art projects and we've worked together at project tables representing for the Flaming Lotus Girls and The Crucible. She is very personable, working very well with adults and children alike. She is easy to work with, speaking intelligently and she is able to negotiate activities in a group environment very well. With the Flaming Lotus Girls, she was not afraid to learn how to use many potentially dangerous tools. She is very safety concious for herself and those around her. At project tables, I've seen her helping all manner of people. She really has a very human touch with people.
Lee Sonko Lee.org