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Michael has co-authored, with Massimo Banzi, the 3rd edition of the popular “Make: Getting Started with Arduino“. The changes include:

Two new chapters: Automatic Garden Irrigation System is an ambitious project, which illustrates a more complex circuit and program. This chapter almost doubles the length of the book and goes into a great deal of detail on how to design, plan, and construct a complex project. It includes component selection, how to approach a large programming project, and how (and why) to graduate from the invaluable but unreliable solderless breadboard to the more robust prototyping shield.

The second chapter, The Arduino Leonardo, introduces the Arduino Leonardo. The Leonardo is a different sort of Arduino, because the USB controller is implemented in software, and not in a separate chip as had been the case prior to the Leonardo. This allows the USB behavior of the board to be modified. This chapter explains why the ability to emulate a keyboard or a mouse is a profoundly different way of interfacing to a computer.

The troubleshooting chapter has been reorganized and expanded, and the entire book has been revised and updated for IDE versions 1.0.0 and prepared for version 1.5

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