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9/12/2014: Introduction to Arduino and Motors

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  1. Introduction to Arduino
  2.  After LDR, cover
    1. Potentiometer
    2. Switch (limit switch)
  3. Motor types
    1. Permanent Magnet (PM) DC motor:
      1. Simple circuit if reverse is not needed (reverse requires some more components)
      2. No position control
      3. Very inexpensive
    2. Servo Motor
      1. No circuit needed
      2. Can provide either
        1. Continuous rotation with reverse, but not position control
        2. Accurate absolute position control of 180 degrees
    3. Stepper Motor
      1. Requires more complicated circuitry than PMDC
      2. Easily reversed
      3. Extremely accurate relative position control
  4. Power supply issues
  5. Build servo shield

Hand crank automata

  4. Exploratorium’s  instructions for making cardboard automata
  5. Robert Ives agreeable sheep showing a nice way to follow a cam
  6. Great collection found by Francesca, especially this one
  7. Free mini-zines on various subjects by Robert Ives
  8. Dug North’s automata blog
  9. Barking Dog automata, especially how to make things turn
  10. Rob Ives mechanisms descriptions
  11. Making Automata with food
  12. Cabaret Mechanical Theatre Hints and Tips
  13. Dug’s Automata Tips, Techniques, and Tricks on Cabaret Mechanical Theatre
  14. Mécaniques animées great videos
  15. Another great project showing an improved way to follow cams


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